Väeske Large Sous Vide Container with Lid and Insulating Sleeve | Sous Vide Accessories | Compatible with Anova, Anova Nano, Joule, Instant Pot, Sous Vide Cookers (26 QT)

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  • ✅ LARGE CAPACITY - 26 Quart Kit of Container, Lid, Insulating Sleeve Fits 10 steaks or chicken breasts as well as large cuts like whole brisket that you can't squeeze into the 12 Quart. Perfect for large families, parties, commercial kitchens.
  • ✅ INSULATING SLEEVE LOCKS IN HEAT: Neoprene insulating sleeve prevents heat from escaping, meaning your container heats up faster and temperature is super stable for precision cooking results.
  • ✅ LID PREVENTS EVAPORATION: Don't worry about having to refill your container over longer cooks! No more low water levels leading to undercooking.
  • ✅ PROTECT YOUR COUNTERTOP: The insulating sleeve reduces the risk of heat related cracks or marks to your work surface, as well as preventing scrapes and nicks.
  • ✅ FITS VIRTUALLY ALL DEVICES: Durable polycarbonate container and lid rated to 210F. Lid opening is 2.5", suitable for Nano, Joule, Anova, and the majority of cookers.