5 Reasons Why You Should Be Cooking Sous Vide


If you're new to Sous Vide and want to make delicious meals right off the bat, here are 5 things you should know:



1. Better Tasting Food

Sous vide enables you to laser target the exact temperature and time you need to achieve the finish you want. The result is juicier, more tender meats and seafood, as well as veges with just the texture you want. In addition, because your food is enclosed, you lose less moisture in the process, for even juicier results.


2. Stop Worrying About Overcooking

If you stick to the right temp/time for what you’re cooking, it’s pretty much impossible to overcook your food. Have you ever pulled your meat out of the oven or grill and realized, ‘Oh, No. I’ve overcooked it!’ That simply doesn’t happen with sous vide. Once you determine the time and temperature you want, it’ll come out perfect every time. No more checking for doneness every 3 minutes. No more obsessing over hitting just the sweet spot. You’ll hit it every time effortlessly.


3. Save Money

One area where sous vide really shines is the ability to transform cheap cuts of meat from tough and rubbery into smooth, tender, and juicy. While you can of course cook a tough cut of meat for an extended period of time in an oven or crock pot to soften it up, the results are predictably dry. With sous vide you can set the temperature lower than you otherwise would and break down the tough bits in the meat without breaking down the muscle fibers and squeezing out all the juice. The result of cooking cheap cuts this way is unlike anything you’ve tried before. Soft and tender, yet still pink inside! Try it with brisket, short ribs, chuck roast, pork shoulder and top round and prepare to have your life changed forever.

4. Focus on Your Guests, Not on Cooking

Once your food is in the sous vide bath, there is nothing you need to do until your timer goes off. Nothing to check on, nothing to adjust, nothing to fiddle with. Just get your sous vide going and focus completely on your guests or family time until your food is ready. Sous vide cooking delivers such reliable results that you can set all worry and preoccupation aside and just enjoy being social!

5. Great for Large Batches

With family size 12 QT sous vide container you can cook 5 steaks at a time, easily to perfection, 10 or more in a large container. If you have a large family or plan to cook for groups of people, sous vide will make it easy to get a large number of individual portions finished at the same time without pulling your hair out or over or undercooking anyone’s food. Get everything prepped and cooking, and it will all come out according to plan. No dashing around the kitchen like a tasmanian devil. Sous vide is an ideal method for making cooking for large groups worry free.