10 Steps To The Perfect Sear

1. Choose the Right Pan - A heavy pan that holds heat is best. My preference is cast iron, but stainless steel is another good option. Skip nonstick pans as they aren’t built for high heat.

2. Dry Your Meat Thoroughly - Dab with paper towel til it’s dry. As simple as that. Wet meat steams instead of sears, so this step is mandatory.

*optional - If you want a thicker crust, chill your meat in the fridge for 10 minutes. This chills the exterior of the meat, allowing you to sear for longer without overcooking. You can sear for a total of 2 minutes if you chill first, versus about 1 without chilling

3. Season - Add salt, pepper, or whatever other seasonings you like. Garlic Salt, Herbs, Whatever floats your boat.

4. Add Fat to Pan - Choose a fat with a high smoke point so you can sear hot without smoking up your house. And ideally one with a neutral flavor. Avocado oil is the best choice in both respects. Avoid extra virgin olive oil in this situation as it will smoke like crazy and lend a flavor you might not want.

5. Heat Pan - if you have an infrared thermometer then you’re looking for a temperature of 300-500F, tho ideally on the upper end of that range. If you don’t, then wait til a water droplet will dance briefly before evaporating and you’re good to go.

6. Sear #1: 15-30 sec per side. Some people say to leave it be, others to turn constantly. I like to stick to one side but swish the meat around the pan and press on it. 

7. Add Butter to pan - butter will give you more flavor and a thicker crust, but adding it from the start risks smoking/burning. Start with oil, then add butter toward the end.

8. Sear #2: 15 sec per side

9. Rest Meat - 5 minutes for a steak, up to 20 for a big cut

10. Enjoy Your Meal!